The New Year Resolutions

Here we are with less than 40 minutes left in the year 2009. So much happened in 2009 and it was certainly a year that was characterized as a year of change. What will 2010 hold for us in the near future?

As I've thought over what changes I would like to make in my own life in 2010 I believe that my prayer life needs to be considered. As a pastor of a church I realize that I ought to be on my knees much more than I am currently. Also I need to learn to pray for my enemies. In recent days I have become very irritated with those that oppose my beliefs from God's Word. Why I'm irritated I don't understand because God's Word already tells me that world hates my Savior. So I ought to be proud to be one that is considered "arrogant and bigoted" in this world as I stand up for my Savior.

Lord, teach me to pray for those that stand against me. I'm reminded of the passage in Luke where as your Son Jesus Christ hung upon the cross he said, "Father, forgive them for them know not what they do." Although we are the enemies of the cross, Christ chose to ask God to forgive us. What an act of mercy and grace from the cross over 2,000 years ago. If he was willing to pray for me, may I be bold and willing to pray for my enemies as well.