Well...it seems like every year on this same day, I find myself before my computer putting together new resolutions for the new year, and also contemplating and reflecting on the past year.

Every year it seems that I resolve myself to writing more, and maybe this year with a little more free time in my office, I might be able to do so, but as I think about it, I wonder how many other things each year I resolve to do, and never actually do them. For example, pray more, study more, read more, write more, get out and witness more, etc...

They all are ambitious things to do, but maybe I need to not so much focus on my own personal desire to do these things, but more upon the admonition and command I have from Christ to do those things.

As a pastor/shepherd/bishop I have the responsibility of bring fresh "grass" to my flock, so how can I do such a thing if I am not first fed regularly as well? How can I ask my flock to be witnesses, if I have failed to do so myself? How can I ask my flock to seek the Shepherds face in prayer, if I have not taken the time myself to do so?

This year, rather than resolve to read more, write more, study more, "get out" more, etc... I resolve to be more like my Shepherd Jesus Christ.

To know Him, to seek Him, and obey Him. To allow Him to mold me, use me, and further me.

To allow Him to take me to places I have never been, and place me upon plateaus that I have only dreamed of. I resolve to allow Christ to have His church, and to use me to guild and direct it.

Often times I've despised the start of a new year, and although I may be a little nostalgic now that 2013 is coming to a close, I have to honestly admit that 2014 stands wide open with what appears to me to be many exciting opportunities for personal growth as a pastor, husband, and father!

See you on the other side!!!

5:09 pm 12/31/2013