What If...

Well, its now Saturday, May 21st, 2011, the so call predicted day of Judgement.

Its interesting the talk that has erupted from this prediction, but we also as born again believers who read our Bibles know the fallacy behind this false prediction.

What's interesting to me though is the responses of the masses. To have an actual "predicted" date set has caused some to turn into mockers of the rapture, others to be doomsayers, and others to be terrified of the said event.

As born again believers we don't have to be worried, but it has certainly opened many doors to share the true gospel with individuals who may or may not have ever heard it before.

As many have begun to "knock" the event, it makes me glad in a sense that the true rapture will happen as a thief in the night. At a time when no one is expecting it to happen. Imagine for a moment that suddenly thousands if not millions of believers suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. I don't think there would be many joking about it, but for now it has turned into a laughing matter, a reason to party.

I was reading an article today about some individuals who work for "family forum radio" the radio program that has solicited this prediction. Most of the employees plan to show up for work on Monday! Some employees have at the last minute gone out and bought very expensive cars, and have taken their families on lavish vacation trips sort of as a last "Hurray!"

My question is, if you knew exactly when Christ was going to return, what would you be doing different? And if we don't know when Christ is going to return, but we believe that he could return any moment...why are we not living that way? Christ says that he would [wishes] that we were either hot or cold, not lukewarm.
How can we begin to live differently today as we await the rapture?

Just some food for thought on a day when many are confused and lost.