Dry Erase Boards

READ JOHN 1:1-18

One of my favorite past times has been writing on dry erase boards...no I did not say, "sniffing dry erase markers", I said, WRITING on dry erase boards.

I know it sounds a little weird...perhaps a bit quirky, but what other way can you with a quick swipe of your hand and eraser erase a board white. Sure, you can use a chalk board, but that takes much more than just one swipe, and what about the Etch-a-sketch? By the time you've written what you want your hand has cramped, and then when you want to erase it you have to shake your entire body to remove your drawing.

But a dry-erase marker, how easy is that! With just one swipe your words, drawing, picture, swoosh...gone.

I'm thankful as I sit here today at my desk, that my sins were removed much the same way. In a quick, swift, "whoosh" if I could be so bold to put a sound effect to my salvation.

Whatever do I mean, you might be asking. In one swift, quick move as soon as I accepted Jesus Christ as my person Savior, my Jesus erased my sins and left me spotless, stainless, absolutely clean.
He tore off my sin colored rob, and bestowed upon me a robe of righteousness. He justified me, sanctified me, and saved me all in one swift motion.
The Holy Spirit at the same time after convicting me moved into my life and sealed me for all eternity.
And God the Father, he promised me an inheritance, everlasting life, riches, rewards, greater responsibilities, and called me His son all at the same time!

A lot can be done in the swoosh of ones hand on a dry erase board, but much more could be done the my Savior upon a cross called Calvary.

This next week as we walk towards the cross, remember the price that was paid to give you all of these wonderful things in Christ.